Autoimmune Tests

Tests Disease (% of time positive) ANA Lupus (95%) Homogenous (diffuse) Lupus, MCTD, drug induced lupus Speckled Lupus, sjorgrens, scleroderma,View Article

Covid19 Vaccines

The novel Covid19 pandemic has created a medical maelstrom, along with great political and societal unrest.  Now that the longView Article

Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease is caused by the immune system attacking one’s own body, instead of doing it’s normal job of defendingView Article

Cyrex Arrays

Cyrex labs is the world’s leader in testing for autoimmune markers and immune reactive foods.  Dr Rollins has been toView Article

Wahls Protocol

The Wahls Diet is consistent with my long standing recommendation of following a Mediterranean type diet, emphasizing lots and lotsView Article

Low Dose Immunotherapy

Low dose immunotherapy (LDI) is a treatment for “turning off” an overactive immune system.  This applies to allergies, autoimmune diseasesView Article