Payment Policy

Payment is expected at the time of service.  We do not accept, participate in or file insurance.  We will provide you with an itemized invoice for your records.  Laboratory and diagnostic testing may be covered by your insurance depending upon your policy.  “Care credit” financing is available.

Appointment Cancellations

We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.  Failure to cancel an appointment without at least 24 hour notice will result in a charge of 50% that of the missed appointment.  Future appointments will require a credit card number prior to scheduling.

Medicare Beneficiaries 

Medicare beneficiaries may only be seen by one of our providers who has “opted-out” of Medicare for visits or services that would otherwise covered by Medicare.   Dr Rollins is not able to “opt-out” of Medicare at this time thus he is not able to see our Medicare patients for visits or services otherwise covered by Medicare.

Medicaid Beneficiaries

Due to government regulations we are NOT able to provide services to medicaid beneficiaries for any service that would normally be covered by medicaid.  We ARE allowed to provide services that are clearly not covered by medicaid, such as low dose allergy therapy, specialized IV therapies or regenerative injections.  Please contact us if you have questions about whether a specific therapy is allowed.

Prior Authorization from Insurance

We are glad to assist with “prior authorizations” for medications, referrals or diagnostic testing.  Our fee is tabulated at $120/hour and there is no guarantee of coverage.

Email and Phone Calls

Dr Rollins and staff are happy to facilitate your care via email or phone consultations.  For routine quick correspondence there is no charge.  For phone calls or emails that take more than 5 minutes or facilitate a new diagnoses and treatment, we charge the usual rate for time as noted in the “provider fee schedule” table below.

General Fees

Included in all initial visits with our providers is a FREE 30 minute Nutrition Consult with our Health Coach and Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, Brooke Kollman.  She is a wealth of information about nutrition, various diets, food allergy elimination, and can help with achieving lifestyle goals.

Provider Fee Schedule

Provider  New Patient (30min)   Follow Up (15-30 min) 
Dr Rollins $300 $150-300
Associate MDs $250 $125-250
FNP / PA $200 $100-200
RN $100 $50-100
Nutritionist $75 $25-40


Too often medical care is rushed leaving the patient feeling as though their concerns were not fully addressed.  We strive to balance being efficient with your time and frugal with your budget while making sure we provide the time you deserve.

Regenerative Injections

We charge a flat fee of $250 for injections of a single joint or area, and $100 for additional joint/area during the same visit.  There is no additional charge for traditional prolotherapy or ozone.  PRP injections add about $250-350 and stem cells add about $2500-$4000 for the cost of the injection material.

Diagnostic Studies

For patients who will be paying out of pocket for lab studies, we can save 50%-70% on your costs of routine labs as we have a special contracts with various labs.  For insurance billing we will draw blood in the office and send through Quest Diagnostics.

Laboratory and diagnostic testing may be covered by your insurance depending upon your policy.  We use many specialty labs that do not accept insurance and we do NOT inflate or “upcharge” these lab tests.

We charge a flat fee of $20 for handling outside lab tests and blood draws, which includes obtaining blood samples and completing lab requisitions on your behalf.

IV therapies – Chelation, Vitamin infusions, Special protocols

Prices vary depending upon the exact Infusion therapy.  Myer’s cocktails start at $110.  Chelation for heavy metals is $160.  Ozone therapy is $100 for single pass and $700 for “10 pass” treatments.  IV vitamin C infusions vary from $135 to $250.  Ketamine infusions are $310 for the first hour plus $100 per additional hour.  Glutathione, Alpha-Lipoic Acid and other special infusion protocols vary in price depending upon the ingredients, but range from $100 to $210.

Food Allergy Testing

Our office charge is $300 for an 88 food panel , $455 for a 154 food panel (immunolabs.com) or $550 for 180 panel (cyrexlabs.com).   There are many specialty panels and sub-fractions available at extra cost.

Low Dose Immunotherapy

We charge $100 for administration of low dose immunotherapy treatments.  This includes any number of doses and the office visit for that day as there is no charge for the actual immunotherapy.  When we are searching to find the correct antigen mixture we only charge $25 per dose until we find the correct “core” dose.

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